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Recovery Coaching IS:

Simply stated, “Recovery coaching” is the process of helping you discover how to conquer addiction and then focus on where exactly you’d like your life to go.

Our emphasis as coaches is to help you define your goals, discover and take part in support networks, help you sustain sobriety and of course address and overcome any obstacles that may present themselves throughout the process.

Our goal is to sustain an ongoing professional relationship with you that will help you conquer your addictions, and then go on to help you achieve the results that you desire whether they pertain to your personal life, careers, community involvement; every aspect of your life.

We would like to stress that Recovery Coaching, in our view, is not traditional “therapy.” It is a specific, solution-based program that is centered on achieving levels of clarity, understanding, and success that might not otherwise be attained through more traditional drug and alcohol rehabilitation/therapies.

Is RECOVERY COACHING right for you?
Ask yourself:

  • Are you suffering from substance abuse or alcoholism?
  • Have you just finished a rehabilitation program?
  • Are you thinking about starting a recovery program?
  • Are you a professional needing guidance and support?
  • Are you a student who can’t deviate from a school schedule?
  • Are you a parent who is overloaded with household duties?

Ask us to help you determine what is right for you. Dealing with addictions and confronting the realities of your situation all comes with a unique set of circumstances. We will help you choose the right path for you.

we specialize in THE FOLLOWING AND MORE...

  • We can help you create a personal recovery plan
  • We can help you re-create social relationships
  • We can help you discover or even re-discover your purpose or passion in life
  • We can help you with time management skills
  • We can help you with lifestyle skills
  • We can help you make decisions about appropriate referrals, doctors, therapists and clinicians
  • We can help you set goals
  • We can help you manage your budget
  • We can help you with your meeting attendance

How do we Connect with our Clients?

In Person




Who we are:

Unlike many recovery coaches today, Dona Speir Berman and Katherine Coones have over 55 years of consecutive sobriety together (Dona became sober in 1987 and Katherine in 1995). This real-world experience is critical and helps foster trust and accountability in working with other addicts and alcoholics. Also, as Certified Professional Coaches, their unique training and education gives them even greater depth and insight into the conditions they work so hard to help.  After meeting in 1996, they opened a nonprofit home for women that to date has helped over 2,000 women, with Dona serving as Chairman of the Board and Katherine serving as Fundraiser Chairman and Chairman of Daily operations.

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