Dona Speir


Dona Speir

“Dona proves to be as revealing, engaging and entertaining and yes as courageous as she’s ever been”



Dona Speir Berman is an author, speaker, and coach. Dona got sober in 1987 and has been an active member of a recovery program ever since. She has mentored hundreds of women over the past 32 years, inspiring them to overcome their addictions and lead productive lives. Unlike many speakers and ‘experts’ who do not have first-hand experience … Dona does.  Having survived the disease of addiction, she knows intimately the experience of those in all phases of their recovery journey.

Dona’s passion for speaking about her experiences mentoring women through the trauma, stress, and unraveling of their family life, has been enjoyed by audiences over the past 25 years.

My Truth. What people didn’t know about me was I held deep dark secrets about my life that were killing me. I was afraid that if I told my story I would no longer be loved or even liked for that matter. As I began to get older and wiser, I found out that everyone has to be able to tell their own story without fearing the pain of it. I didn’t want to just put together a collection of crazy, zany stories about being a Playboy Playmate, a cult actress, and an international model. People do that all the time. It’s easy. Don’t get me wrong, you will still get to experience many of those things in my book. But there’s a lot more. The opportunities I’ve had to help others learn from my mistakes has become a calling for me, which truly gave this book a reason to exist. As my co-writer and I discussed a number of years ago when we started working on it.
 “If starting an underage relationship with a 40 something-year-old Bill Cosby was the answer, then just how bad was the problem?”  As it turns out, the problem was even worse than I wanted to remember, which also made it vital for the truth to now be told. The sooner you deal with your fall, the sooner you will be able to rise.


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