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Dona Speir’s Twelve Playboy Playmate of the Month Appearances From Around The World

United States Playboy Cover March 1984

Issue: America – 03/1984 Cover: Susie Scott Playmate: Dona Speir Interview: Moses Malone

Brazil Playboy Cover March, 1984

Issue: Brazil – 03/1984 Cover: Cláudia Raia, Lúcia Veríssimo, Carla Camuratti, Christiane Torloni Playmate: Dona Speir Interview: Christiane Torloni

French Playboy Cover March 1984

Issue: France – 03/1984 […]

Dona Speir Playboy Magazine Covers From Around The World

Issue: Germany – 01/1985 Cover: Alana Soares, Andrea Klippel, Simone Klippel, Sigrid Ortner, Britta Hoppe, Manuela Neumeier, Dona Speir, Elisabeth Stainer, Justine Greiner, Natalie Uher, Roberta Vasquez, Katrin Fett, Conny Dachs Playmate: Manuela Feicht Interview: Wolfgang Petersen

Issue: Australia – 02/1985 Cover: Dona Speir Playmate: Conny Dachs Interview: Geoffrey Blainey

Issue: Argentina […]