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We have been long time Dona Speir fans both from her Playboy days, her Andy Sidaris films, and anywhere we could find her.

We love “saving” Playboy Playmate domain names so others don’t use them for nefarious purposes, but in this case, we are really happy to do something we hope Dona will find and […]

Dona Speir Berman Helping with the Diabetic Youth Foundation March 15, 2009

Dona Speir Berman helping raise funds for the Diabetic Youth Fundation in Pleasanton, CA

Diabetic Youth Foundation Bay Area Families in the Forest Walk 2009 3/15/2009 Pleasanton, California

From Dona’s Fundraising Page:

Hi My Friends,

As you know I am always involved in something and usually up to my ears at that!

Well this […]