Mark Tomonson Centerfold Review of Dona Speir

From: Mark Tomlonson
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004
Subject: [PML1] CC: Dona Speir

In Dona Speir’s centerfold (March 1984) we’ve managed to talk her out of her skivvies, and the fun is about to begin.

This is another centerfold that owes a lot to a 1950’s idea of elegance. Sometimes this homage has reduced an otherwise fine picture, but here I think it’s O.K. Dona herself is the dominant feature of the shot; the penthouse apartment is just set dressing. As a result, it works pretty well. The smattering of lights in the background contrast with the more solid forms in the center of the picture.

This is an interesting pose for Dona, and a shift from the South Seas hammock shots in the rest of the PMOM feature. I’m not sure it’s entirely a successful effort. I like the stretched-out, athletic look much better than this one. This one does have merit graphically, especially with Dona’s legs. I just like the other look a lot better.

Her expression is fine. It tells us more about Dona’s bone structure
than her mood, but that’s not all bad in this case. The eighties hair running down her shoulders is echoed in the clothing that cascades down the rest of her body – a nice touch.

Photographer: Arny Freytag

Pin-up: 2.5
Erotic: 2.0
Artistic: 2.0

Overall: 2.2 out of 4.0

Cyber Club Portfolio Photo I like better than the Centerfold: # 33

Mark Tomlonson
Kalamazoo MI

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